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The Complete Andy Combe Golf Experience

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We base all of our golf teaching around our new system of teaching/improving Golf called MbGt (Movement based Golf training), this method of teaching is exclusive to Andy Combe Golf, having been designed and developed by our Principal British Golf Instructor Andy Combe, following over 15 years of teaching golf at all levels, from the complete Beginner to the Tour Professional, with some amazing results achieved,


The Complete golf experience to the only way to impact and develop your game. Taking an hour lesson is great but only if you have the experience and ability to practice with quality, what you have learnt. Many of us don’t , we need to learn how to practice well and Andy takes you through that process from the beginning.

The experience puts no pressure on lower scores or lowering handicaps but on forming great rituals.

The complete golf experience gives you a unique one on one experience with Andy Combe. Starting from golf’s base level, Fitness, then mind, nutrition , swing analysis, short game practice and play. The time is tailored to bring out your best game and to give you the tools/ rituals that will continue your progression after our experience and into your day to day life.    


Fitness will be the start to every day, it will be costumed to the individual. Working on fitness rituals that will improve your game. We don’t all require the same fitness rituals to improve our golf. Some of us need more cardio, some core strength, some leg strength but most of us need greater flexibility. A good fitness session is a great way to start the day and a great ritual to keep.

Mind Training

Mind training is probably the most neglected aspect of golf practice, yet all golfers know that 90% of our game is played between the ears. Creating an awareness of being in the present is a large chunk of the experience and will be part of the daily ritual during our time together.


Nutrition is also I vital part of a golfers preparation. Getting hungry, tired and fatigued on a golf course will never bring out the best in us. The better our preparation is in regard to our day, the better we output. We are on the golf course for around 4 hours, we need an energy store and what we eat is very much part of that.

Swing Analysis

Swing analysis is an integral part of game improvement. Understanding our faults and our fixes helps eliminate frustrations on the golf course. Why do I do this? Why do I do that? Are things I often hear. Understand why? Then you have control and frustrations ease. I love technology as it gives factual information and feedback. Along with video analysis, I use the latest Flightscope X2 elite launch monitor and ifocus band.

Short Game Practice

Short games practice is the simplest way to improve score and similar to mind practice, both generally the most neglected forms of practice. The complete golf experience focuses on short game practice from the physical and mental aspects, to sharpen up your scoring game.

Playing golf is a combination of all the above, to play golf well is a combination of all of the above but doing it automatically, without thinking and in your flow. Simplicity is key to playing fluid golf. Playing daily golf with Andy creates and encourages great vituals that will take your game to the next level.


  • Grip for every shot
  • Alignment for every shot
  • Posture for every shot
  • Ball position for every shot


  • Your bodies fundamental  movement pattern
  • How your arms connect with body


  • Pre shot box the input channel
  • Cognitive skills- Concentration, memory and logic
  • Sensory skills – Visual, verbal and kinaesthetic
  • Shot box the output channel


  • Myelin
  • Meditation

Rule 5    PUTTING

  • Fundamentals of putting
  • Physical
  • mental


About Andy Combe

Andy focus’s is on the simple fundamentals, the platform that dictates your swing, and the process that proceeds it. Often golf instruction complicates an already difficult game, and regularly players get stuck in technique, which restricts their natural ability to perform an automatic flowing movement.

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